Monday, 23 June 2014

ADVICE: Dealing with Grief!

Letting go is hard, but sometimes holding on is harder…..

Todays post will be on a topic that has been present in my life since loosing my mum to cancer in February and thats 'GRIEF'.

There isn't a minute i don't think of my mum, and this has been so unbelievably hard to commit to work and live a ordinary life again. Sometimes i feel a lot of emotion at once, or another I'm having a good day, then i wake up and feel worse again.

There is nothing more devastating to us than a loss. It hurts the heart, and leaves an emptiness that is difficult to fill. It is something that everyone will have to deal with in life, so i thought i would talk about some of the ways that it can be made a little easier and less painful.

Things you might feel while grieving:
  • Overwhelming sadness, with lots of crying
  • Tiredness or exhaustion
  • Guilt, things you could of said but didn't, or not helping with a cure

We can choose to confront and deal with the feeling of grief and loss, or we can choose to avoid them. Avoidance will lead to the grief re-surfacing as an array of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, or extreme anger will affect you.

Its obvious that there is no easy way around it, so to be honest just 'Face it'! 
Facing grief, though difficult and mentally hard at times, will prove to benefit you in the long run and be true to seeing a healing journey.
Each persons journey takes longer than others and remember you are not alone as there is another neighbour just grieving like you.

Remember that your loved one wouldn't want to see you upset and would want to see you happy and seeing a bright future ahead of you. They may no longer be present but they are by your side, every second of your life watching you take every breath.

You only live once, live for the moment and there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Much Love,