Sunday, 20 April 2014


Hi Lovelies,

Spring/Summer is upon us and clear/fresh skin is the way to go. I hate caking up makeup whilst in the sun and wearing less means i need clear skin and have no imperfections on show!

So i popped in LUSH a while back and really wanted to try their face masks as i have heard wonders. 
Who doesn't want to have all natural ingredients in their face and have glorious clear skin! well i do..

So heres the review

Cosmetic Warrior FACE MASK

 This is a gentle and balancing face mask with antibacterial tea tree and fresh garlic working together to cleanse. Fresh green grapes clean and cool the skin, whilst free range eggs tighten its texture and antimicrobial honey leaves it soft and moisturised. 
Apply to clean skin, avoiding eyes areas. Leave for five to ten minutes, and then rinse with warm water.

The mask comes in a cream color with thick consistency and it's also easy to apply and spreads effortlessly.

Hope the swatch helps as if I took a picture with the mask on I would have given you a fright!

After effects: The honey leaves the skin smooth, soft and my complexion looked so much brighter. The eggs helps in tightening the pores and I definitely noticed a difference after one use.

Overall I am happy with this product as it has helped my skin regain its soft and smooth features. It didn't offer a miracle...but with more use I'm sure my blemishes will be less noticeable and no further break-outs occur!..we'll let's hope so

Retail price £6.95 / 75g
You can see more info on their website Here

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from breakouts.

Have you tried this mask? What are your thoughts?

Hope this helped :)

Luv susx