Wednesday, 19 March 2014

KIKO Make Up Milano H.A.U.L

Hello, lovelies

I have for you a makeup haul!…

I was in Portugal not to long ago for my mothers funeral and my bestest most awesome  sister in law bought these lovely bits from Kiko for me. I was in such a low mood after the funeral, that this actually cheered me up and took my mind of things.

I have never visited Kiko here in London but i do know that its massive in Portugal and anything Italian sounds posh, don't you think?…
I am so impressed with everything including quality,packaging,looks ad price..! this is a rarity for me to find love straight away for a make-up brand.

I have used the makeup already so excuse the grubby makeup marks on the packaging..sorry i couldn't resist ;p

Doesn't the packaging look similar to another makeup brand? MAC

Heres a more in depth review on what i got!

Glossy Eye Pencil

Did i need another eyeliner? the answer is No but this one stood out to me. 
I am always in the look out for that amazing pencil and i can say this is now one of my favourites. The quality is really good, glides on very smoothly and its a true black. The pencil comes with a smudge brush and this totally gives you that smokey sexy eye! It really makes my eyes pop!

Unforgettable Waterproof Mascara

I never owned a waterproof mascara but i really needed one due to  crying so much since mum passed. Not much i can say about a mascara as it does its job. Its not giving me the massive fake curl i love but i think thats because its still new and i still need to give it more love. I can see myself wearing this a lot for the summer, especially when going to the beach and not wanted to look bare-faced.

Full Coverage Concealer

I am always on the hunt for the perfect concealer that matches me perfectly and hides all my flaws and my horrible bags. This concealer would be a great dupe for MAC's studio finish concealer. MAC - £15 KIKO - £7.50 
Its really amazing..seriously it totally does what it says 'full converge'. I can't forget the added bonus of the mirror.. the studio finish comes with a silly plastic that has actually come loose already.

Bronzing Powder

Sun is finally shining and my bronzers are coming out more often. I always have to go and check out the bronzers in make-up shops and this one truly stood out. Its a matt bronzer and gives me in my opinion the best colour for my skin colour. It really feels light to touch and it gives you a pretty glow. Packaging is a bonus, has same texture like NARS - soft to touch, but downside is that grubby foundation hands leaves marks and always needs a good clean after use. Also has a really good mirror, this is such a perfect compact for my makeup bag!

Kiss Balm in Apricot

I had just about chosen everything that i wanted and then i realised these lovely looking balms by the cash desk. Its a flavoured natural looking balm that gives a natural finish to the lips. This colour stood out to me as 1. looked to be the most popular and 2. its flavoured!
And its meant to make your lips look more kissable!!

Have you tried anything from KIKO? Whats your thoughts?

Love Susx