Friday, 7 February 2014

MAC Lipstick Obsession

Finally i am getting round to a post!.. and what better way to start this marathon with my mac lipstick collection which is forever growing.

Lets go!

I really must stop but i can't control myself... every time i pass by my local mac counter i get dragged in and my obsession wins all the time.(Currently right next door to work) 
I blame this from beauty bloggers and youtube, since i started following the beauty community online my passion for makeup grew.
This may not sound much but it is for me.  This is just my mac collection, can you figure out how much more lipsticks i have from other brands? Let me know if you would like me to do a post on the rest of my lipstick collection.

[16 in total]

[RussianRed, RubyWoo, LadyDanger, Diva, Rebel, Onhold]

[Lickable, GirlAboutTown, FlatOutFabulous, Impassioned, CostaChic, PleaseMe]

[Angel, CremeCup, Dreminess, Hue]

So many colours are so similar i really must think before i buy. I literally see and hear whats popular with the bloggers then i want to try and just buy, not even thinking if it will suit me or not.

I am more a bright/dark colour kind of girl and especially in winter as i love to experiment and be loud with my lips!
My current favourite for winter is Diva, a vampy red which I'm obsessed with. 
What is your winter lipstick?

P.s Apologies for the lighting and the actual quality of the pictures. Im no professional and just starting on this blogging scene :p